Ben FC – The Washup Round 14

Hey team! Sorry about the lack of updates over the past two weeks, exam periods aren’t exactly conducive to blogging about fantasy football. Thankfully the nightmare is over now, and I’m up holidaying in sunny Queensland, which is a huge improvement on bloody Canberra! As much as the weather has improved since I’ve gone up … Continue reading

T3: Thursday Trade Talk

Get your Trade Talk on with the BennyDT community. How many trades are you making this week? How many donuts will you be copping because of them? Is your team finished yet? Let us know! If you haven’t already, make sure you join the AFL Dreamers Facebook group, and join the 120 other dreamers already … Continue reading

Ben FC – The Washup Round 12

Sorry for being so slack team, it’s study week at uni and I desperately need to get a couple more tutorial sheets done for Thermodynamics, so I’ll keep this one fairly short. I didn’t ha ve too depressing a week this time around (compared to Round 11 anyway!), scoring 1839 to bring myself back to the precipice … Continue reading

Ben FC – The Washup Rnd 11

Is…. is the nightmare over? I only scored 1150 on the weekend, which was obviously horrible (even for the MBR’s!). I had 6 donuts in all, no thanks to Spurr not making the team, Christensen and Pendles getting injured and Horsely getting dropped. This was on top of the 2 donuts I was already expecting, … Continue reading